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What are the apps that can contribute to your kids’ education and development? Kids these days are able to understand technology at an early age. As early as two years old, they know how to lock/unlock a phone and use different apps. We can’t say that it is a bad thing and a distraction. Or […]

Who would not love to hear the word “free”? A free service, free charge, or a free trial. Name it. The word “free” could be temptatious. Some people would try a free product or service because they think that there is no risk involved. If the free product or service sucks, it’s fine because at […]

Nearly everyone uses social media today. It facilitates exchanging thoughts, opinions, entertainment, and it allows us to connect to people in any part of the world. This extends to the business world and that is why the advice of the many marketers is to go where the people are.  Should you really stick to social […]

When your company needs new software, three scenarios might come to mind: DIY: Considering all the information available on the internet, you might imagine that if you watch a few ‘How to’ YouTube videos, in a week, a month, or so, you’ll know everything you need to create your own custom software yourself. Create it […]

There comes a time when a company or a department within a company can no longer perform its functions with off-the-shelf software and needs specially designed software (customized software) to continue its normal processes. Customized software should perform well both in the back end and the front end. As companies grow and as technology evolves, […]

Operational efficiency is important for every company. If you’re a small or medium sized business, it’s likely that you run on limited resources anyway. For larger companies, inefficiencies over a period of time can be costly. Below are ways that your company can achieve efficiency, get rid of those unnecessary tasks, increase customer satisfaction and […]

The majority of companies are moving their businesses offline to online. As Bill Gates once said, “if your business is not on the internet, then it will be out of business”. And that’s true.  Most of us are turning to the Internet for market research and reviews. The Internet is a great source to upgrade […]

The Internet has changed our world in many ways, including the way we market or promote our business.  In today’s generation, we can do so much far easier than ever. How? Look around you. Almost everyone you see has their own mobile device. It’s no surprise that businesses are becoming more tech-savvy and creating an […]

So my IT guy told me to switch my ISP to upgrade my VDSL to UFF, install WiFi and VoIP and I’m here like, WTF? FML.   Tech talk is a completely different language with the majority of it based around acronyms. It’s no wonder we’re constantly confused! You’ve created your new website, it looks […]

If you want to grow your business and become more profitable, your journey has to start with knowing your customers. For your customer knowledge to go beyond a superficial level, you have to be fully immersed in their journey. Understanding every step they take from the time they discover your brand, to when they make […]