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How it Works

Our team of creative and talented professionals will be with you from start to finish. Your involvement is important to the success of your project.

1 Getting Started

  • Define your requirement

If you’re considering having custom software developed, the first thing you’ll want to do is clearly define your requirements by writing a requirements document.

  • Contact Appmani

Once you have a clear idea of what you require, it’s time to contact AppMani to arrange a meeting*.

2 Pricing and Acceptance

  • Pricing

At AppMani, we have flexible billing and estimate options for software development. We can issue an estimate to suit your budget.

  • Estimate acceptance & go-ahead

Once you have accepted the estimate, we will begin developing your customised software.

3 Development Process

You will be involved in every stage of your software development to ensure that the software we’re developing will meet or exceed your expectations.

With our interactive approach, you’re involved in every stage of your custom software development. That means you can influence the design to ensure the application will meet your exact requirements.

* What happens in an AppMani Meeting?

We can meet over the phone, but we find it is much more valuable for one of our Consultants to visit your business and see exactly how you work.

Generally, we will take photos and record information that will bring your requirements document to life. This is also your opportunity to meet us and ask any questions you may have.

Step by Step of our Development Process

  • Preview of the initial database design and a mock-up of the interface
  • Delivery of a preliminary version of your software, which will include a basic framework that will allow you to fire-up the application and start seeing how it will work
  • Regular updates (every four weeks), each filling out more and more of the complete application
  • The feature-complete version for your final acceptance testing
  • One month of free support once your application goes live

And, if your find your requirements change during the process, you’ll be able to put in a change request (which may include changes to price and timeline) before the development is finalised.