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How Websites Make Money (that works!)?

In our previous blog, we have learned that websites are a good investment because it helps you to establish credibility as a business. It is perfect for marketing and informational services.  

There are plenty of individuals who are making a living through their websites. 


If a website is a good investment, then how does it make money?

If you are a website owner or someone who plans to build a website and earn money from it, this blog is perfect for you.

Websites make money:

Through Advertisements

This must be the most common way on how websites earn money. We have seen these before. These are the little ads on the top, bottom, or sidebars of a website. The amount of money you’ll earn with ads depends on your cost-per-click (CPC), revenue for thousand impressions (RPM ads), and the visitors of your website. You could try Google AdSense if you want to earn from advertisements. 

Through Sponsorships

Businesses and individuals reach out to website owners for sponsorship purposes. These people get a chance in promoting their products or services using your website. Either writing a blog or creating a video about the sponsored product or service will give you a high revenue. The cheapest sponsored content ranges from $150 to $300. But it still depends on your negotiation. As a website owner, you can set the pricing policy.

Through Affiliates

We have learned that websites are perfect for marketing. You can use your website for affiliate marketing. It is the process of referring other people to a certain product or service and you’ll have a kickback for doing so. It can be done through blog writing and affiliate links.

By Selling Products or Services

Selling products, or what we called eCommerce, and services through a website are the main purpose of building a website. Website is a good platform to show your products or services to the world. Having both social media and websites is essential to every business growth nowadays. Social media may be the mouth of your business, but the website is the heart and brain. 

Having Premium Membership 

If you are producing awesome and unique content which can be a solution to customers’ problems, let them pay for it. Only those people who paid for a premium membership will know your unique ideas. Just stay focused on growing your audience. Produce more awesome content because they are paying for your ideas and solutions.

Through Webinars and Workshops

Like the previous topic, you will sell your own content but this will be more of a consulting. Let them have a conversation with you. Set up a webinar or workshop. People love to learn from experts so you may invite other experts to speak at your event. Promote your event effectively. Provide quality content and monetize your knowledge!

There you have it — the effective ways on how websites make money. However, the key to a profitable website is getting traffic. If you have a good product or service, but you aren’t getting enough traffic to your website, then you have to do something. 

More traffic means more income opportunities. Good luck!

If you want to know more about how to build a profitable website, feel free to send us a message