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6 Reasons Why FREE Website Builders Still Suck

Who would not love to hear the word “free”?

A free service,

free charge,

or a free trial.

Name it.

The word “free” could be temptatious. Some people would try a free product or service because they think that there is no risk involved. If the free product or service sucks, it’s fine because at least they didn’t pay for it. 

“Free” works best if it has good content and service. But for some free products such as free website builders, it sucks.

And here are the 6 reasons why free website builders still suck:

1. Poor first impressions

Do you want an average joe website? Don’t you want a website that shows off your brand and looks inviting to potential clients? It is important to know your clients and to think about the feeling they get when they arrive at your site. It is also a challenge nowadays to attract and keep visitors because first impression matters. Don’t get weighed down by a poor first impression.

2. Lack of customization

Free website builders have limited layouts, fonts, and designs. You’ve only got what they offer for you. You might find good designs in these free website builders. But do you want to look like everyone else? Don’t you want to turn your digital ideas into reality? Don’t you want to offer your customers a unique experience on your website?

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When a customer gets a unique experience on your site, they will come back to you again and again. In building a website, you must have a high level of flexibility and customization that suits exactly you and your business.

3. Poor Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to share your product or service with the world? Convert your traffic into leads? Be on the top of the search engine results page? Well, you could only make it possible if your website has a high SEO. 

Most free website builders have poor SEO because they have minimal SEO tools. A good website makes no sense if the audience doesn’t know that your website does exist.

Having a high SEO is important especially nowadays because of the increasing number of online businesses. Stay on top of your competition!

4. No data analytics

How well do you know your customers? How long do they spend at your site, and what do they look at? Are you satisfying the needs of your customers? Identifying all of these is a smart business move.

Data analytics is one of the most important things on a website. It lets you analyze if the needs and satisfaction of your customers are met. It also helps you to make a decision based on the data that you have learned. Having data analytics is essential to maintain your advantage over your competitors.

5. Mobile devices issues

Does your website looks fine on your desktop but sucks on the mobile device? Don’t you want to make your website works as well for your mobile visitors as it does for your desktop visitors?  

Well, this could be the most obvious issue that people are seeing on free website builders. This happens because some free website builders do not render well on mobile devices.

There are lots of people accessing websites on their devices, but unfortunately, mobile sites are uneditable in free website builders.

6. Hidden cost

“Free website builders” – is it actually free? Why are they offering you something for free? What do they need? Ask yourselves. There could be a hidden risk. Free website builders are businesses. They need to make money from you somehow. They may offer you a free trial, but there is a “catch” that you’ll be going to find out sooner or later.  (Also see: The Truth about Free Websites)

Bottom line

Some people might still choose free website builders – and that’s fine. We just want to spread awareness and make people informed about it.

But many people will hire professionals to build their websites. Professionals such as web designers and web developers are the ones who can have a better understanding of you and your business. They have the knowledge of SEO and professional design that can help you convert your website traffic into leads.

Hiring professional web designers and web developers are like hiring a professional painter who will give you beautiful artwork that you will treasure for the rest of your life.