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Developing your own software is not as easy as you think

When your company needs new software, three scenarios might come to mind:

  • DIY: Considering all the information available on the internet, you might imagine that if you watch a few ‘How to’ YouTube videos, in a week, a month, or so, you’ll know everything you need to create your own custom software yourself.
  • Create it in-house: If your company has an IT department, you might think they’re your best option.
  • Outsource: This means getting a company that specializes full time in custom software creation, to assess your company’s software needs and create a solution for you.
  • Problems with creating your own software and Why you should hire a custom software development company

    Choosing DIY or expecting people on your monthly payroll to create custom software are choices that have led to many software failures, or worse, companies roll out badly coded software and a little down the line, it develops glitches which they can’t fix. Some of the complications you are likely to run into during software creation include:

    • Cost overruns,
    • Building software that is too complicated for teams and customers to use
    • Software that functions improperly or is inefficient,
    • Delays in delivery schedules,
    • Software that isn’t scalable.

    Whenever you have system downtime because your software is not performing as it’s supposed to, you end up wasting valuable work time, you inevitably lose money and your customers will turn to your competition.

    Hiring outside expertise has the following benefits:

    • You will get a combination of skill sets that is diverse and up-to-date with cutting edge trends
    • No need to learn new skills. You don’t have all the time in the world; any time you lose figuring out how to create your own software, is time spent by your competitors getting ahead in the market.
    • It’s natural for your IT team to use your existing software as an anchor for any new software creations. The end product will end up being a slightly improved version of the software you already have. An outside team brings in a new perspective and by virtue of working for companies from diverse industries, they guarantee you a solution that is superior, hence competitive.
    • Creating your own software will costs more in the long run. There is the misconception that creating custom software is cheap and this unfortunately is what distracts companies from hiring experts. Even if you manage to roll out your software for ‘pennies’, fixing the malfunctions will cost you a lot more in the long run.
    • Timely delivery. For an in house team, creating your new software might be treated as just another additional daily task. If you want your software to be created on schedule and with the dedication of expertise it deserves, you should outsource it to a team that will dedicate their full attention to you until it’s completed.

    Bottom line: If software creation isn’t what you do best, leave it to the experts.

    Software creation is not an easy process. A lot of planning and coding goes into it to ensure that the final solution will address your needs, integrate well and improve efficiency.

    Software development companies comprise of people who understand their domain and are good at helping business people identify gaps in their software requirements. Since they are practiced at their jobs, they’ll give realistic timelines for delivery, they’ll create software with lesser performance issues and save you the headache of bug-fixing. As well, they take away the responsibility of worrying about future software updates or creating software extensions.