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Top 5 apps used by best-paid photographers

Disclaimer: This blog is not paid by any of these apps. This is an honest list of apps that we have found useful.

This is not your typical list of photography apps. We are not going to focus with lots of photo editing apps. One great photo editing app is enough. You already have the skill. Focus more on the apps that will take action to your photography business into the next level.

Here are the top 5 apps used by best-paid photographers:

1. Snapseed

If you are a serious photographer looking for an app that has lots of image manipulation tools and presets that are easy to use, then Snapseed is the perfect app for you.

Snapseed is your go-to-app when editing photos on your phone. It has 29 tools and filters including healing, brush, structure, HDR, and perspective. It also provides you tutorial cards with tips and tricks about Snapseed and general photography.

You don’t have to take several minutes or hours of work in order to improve the aesthetic quality of your images. With Snapseed, you can add lens blur, fix red-eye and adjust white balance with one-click action. The swiping feature to adjust the settings of your image makes the process seamless and effective.

The combination of your creativity and the use of Snapseed, everyone will think that you are editing on a computer using an expensive photo editing software. 

Snapseed is free, user friendly, and has no advertisements!

Download: iOS  |  Android 

2. Buffer

If you want a social media presence and attract customers but want to have life at the same time, you need to have a Buffer app.

Social media presence is important in the growth of your photography business. You can attract customers through your single post. Publish and promote your work consistently. But sometimes, it is not easy to maintain your social media profiles especially if you have some important things to do. 

Buffer is the app to help you schedule and promote your work on social media. It enables you to schedule on Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

This app saves you time and lets you do other important tasks. It allows you to schedule your future posts. It helps you maintain a consistent presence on social media, so you can reach more people and attract more clients. 

Market! Use your time wisely.

Download: iOS  |  Android  

3. Feedly

The Feedly is an essential app for photographers to get updates with the latest news and trends in the photography world. 

You can add your favorite YouTube channels, blogs, and publications and then Feedly will continuously gather together the latest content from your favorite sources. If you have some important things to do, you could just save the blogs for later.

Photography blogs, marketing blogs, social media blogs, whatever it is. Make a habit of reading one post or watching one YouTube video every day for you to enrich your own learning and development. 

Keep on learning and you’ll keep succeeding.

Download: iOS  |  Android 

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4. TripLog

Photographers do travel from time to time. Traveling costs you money and time that is why you should charge a travel fee to your client. 

One way to charge your travel fee is to charge a flat rate per hour or mile. You don’t have to stress yourself on recording this. No paper forms or spreadsheets anymore. TripLog is the answer. 

TripLog is easy to use. Just sync with your phone GPS and you’re good to go. You can also create names for places you frequently visit, it automatically tracks your trips, and it creates reports to submit for mileage reimbursements. 

If you forget to log a trip entirely by forgetting to enable your GPS, you can add a trip to the log and the mileage will adjust.

This app helps you give clarity and transparency to your clients which could lead into customer engagement.

Download: iOS  |  Android

5. iZettle

There are lots of payment options in selling your work. Some would prefer cash payment, bank transfer, check, online transaction, etc. 

You can send an invoice to your customers but some people would feel that it isn’t secure. Withdrawing cash could be inconvenient these days. Many customers expect to be able to pay with a debit or credit card. 

See? You’ll hear strong opinions on all sides.

But if you want a safe, fast, easy to use and hassle free process of payment, iZettle is the perfect thing for you. It allows you to accept card payments in person quickly and easily. If your customers are in a hurry, you can just send them a link. Payments can be taken within seconds!

The iZettle app is free but you have to buy their card reader which pairs with your mobile device. There are no monthly fees, commitment or hidden costs. Just a 1.75% rate per transaction. 

Download: iOS  |  Android  

There you have it – the top 5 apps used by best paid photographers. 

If you use them well together combined with your photography skill, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a positive impact on your business!