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Sick of Crashing Apps? Here’s How to Fix Them

Imagine you are spending time scrolling through your screen or playing on your phone and then suddenly your app closes automatically or keeps on crashing, will you wait for it or delete it? You probably experience this and this situation tests your patience, right?

According to VMware, about 48% of consumers will delete or stop using an app if they have to wait more than two seconds for it to load.

Whether you are a vlogger, gamer, or a person who just loves to spend time scrolling through your screen, we can all agree that crashing apps is no fun!

Why do your apps crash?

There are many reasons why your app becomes unresponsive or crashes entirely. If you’re confident that you don’t have a weak internet connection, then your app crashes because you may be running an outdated version of it. Your phone may also run out of storage space that makes your app unresponsive. You might be experiencing crashing apps if it was poorly built by the developer.

How to fix crashing apps?

Restart your phone

When was the last time you restarted your phone? If you are using your phone for a long time, then your app is processing a lot of data at the same time. In fixing a crashing app, restarting your phone must be the first thing to do. Your phone is like a brain that needs rest. Restarting your phone clears up memory. Simply switch your phone off and on.

Run an updated version of the app

Updating an app has several benefits. In case of a crashing app, users complain by posting reviews on the app. The developers fix the problem and improve the app by implementing an update. You may also set your phone to automatically update your apps so you don’t have to worry if you’re running the latest version or not.

Clear cache and data

Everytime you use your app, it collects cache and data. Imagine how much cache and data your app collects as you use it. When the data collected gets loaded, it causes the app to slow down or eventually crash. 

Reinstall the app

You may also reinstall the app by simply uninstalling it and downloading again from Google Play Store or App Store. It’s a good idea to do it if clearing cache doesn’t work for you.

Have enough storage space

An app crashes entirely when your phone doesn’t have enough storage space. Again, your phone will have many processes at the same time. Uninstall unwanted apps or the apps that you don’t usually use in order to boost your phone’s working condition. Always check your storage space.

Make sure you have a good internet connection

If you followed the steps above and still experience crashing apps, then the problem is your poor internet connection. Always check if you are connected to a good internet connection or have enough mobile data.

In addition, when you see that the app slows down or crashes after switching from WiFi to 3G or 4G connection, you can close the app first before switching to 3G or 4G connection to prevent crashing the app.

There you have it. These are essential tips to fix your crashing apps. This works for most cases. If you tried these tips and still your app crashes, feel free to send us a message. We’d be glad to help!