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The best way for you to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is to stay at home.  Your business and home life are likely to be reshaped as more and more communities move into isolation to protect themselves and their families. This uncertain time can lead to a new way of thinking and running your business.  […]

If you are someone who’s planning to build a website, here are the 4 website myths worth knowing before building a website So, you want a website in order to increase your sales, to drive traffic & get more customers, right?  Yes, you can really boost your sales, drive traffic, and get a lot of […]

When was the last time you dug into the settings of your phone and discovered useful features? Are you using your phone to its full potential? A not-so-big percentage of us are not using our phones to their full potential. It may take us several months or even years to discover all the features our […]

An honest review of no-code apps JavaScript, Python, C#, PHP, C++, and so on. Sounds intimidating, right?  Well, these are just a few languages used in programming. Programming may sound intimidating to many people. Programmers have the skill of logic, problem-solving skills, creativity, writing, mathematical skills, and analytical skills. And through these skills, they are […]

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement If you are looking for a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop that will not cost you anything, check out Photopea. It solved the expensive cost problems of photo editors. It is completely free to use.  This Adobe Photoshop-alternative lets you edit photos, apply filters, resize photos, add text, […]

In our previous blog, we have learned that websites are a good investment because it helps you to establish credibility as a business. It is perfect for marketing and informational services.   There are plenty of individuals who are making a living through their websites.  How?! If a website is a good investment, then how does […]

Disclaimer: This blog is not paid by any of these apps. This is an honest list of apps that we have found useful. This is not your typical list of photography apps. We are not going to focus with lots of photo editing apps. One great photo editing app is enough. You already have the […]

Imagine you are spending time scrolling through your screen or playing on your phone and then suddenly your app closes automatically or keeps on crashing, will you wait for it or delete it? You probably experience this and this situation tests your patience, right? According to VMware, about 48% of consumers will delete or stop […]

Is it to buy or build software? Handling too many things at once is challenging and time-consuming. There is a good reason why most businesses use software; to improve sales and productivity. Recognizing the need for certain software to improve your business sales and service can raise the debate on whether you will buy or […]

Disclaimer: This blog is not paid by any of these apps. This is an honest list of apps that we have found useful. Can you imagine life without software usage today? When we wake up in the morning, we use a digital alarm clock. If we are craving some food, we can buy it online. […]