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8 Phone Features You Probably Need to Use

When was the last time you dug into the settings of your phone and discovered useful features?

Are you using your phone to its full potential?

A not-so-big percentage of us are not using our phones to their full potential. It may take us several months or even years to discover all the features our phone has. Who would have known that one of these phone features can be the feature that you can’t live without?

Without further ado, here are the 8 phone features you probably need to use:

1. Auto-reply to missed calls

Sending immediate text message replies for missed calls isn’t easy when you are busy or driving. However, iOS and Android phones have features that allow you to send reply text messages automatically for every missed call.

Follow these steps to help you set up auto-replies:

For iOS users

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Do Not Disturb
  • Choose Auto-Reply
  • Then you may enter the text message that you want to be sent.  

For Android users

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Respond with SMS
  • Then you may enter the text message that you want to be sent. 

2. Show saved WiFi passwords

Can you remember all the previous saved WiFi passwords on your smartphone? What if you urgently need to connect to a certain WiFi network and you can’t remember the password?

There are apps, like WiFi Password Show, which allow you to see all the passwords for all WiFi networks that you have ever connected to. This also helps you to connect a new device without any hassle. No more asking someone about the password or checking the back of your router whenever someone new wants to connect to your network.

3. Android guest mode 

Android phones have a feature that keeps your personal information to anyone who uses your phone. Simply tap the user icon in the top right corner and choose Guest. Anyone who uses your phone as a guest won’t have access to your personal information. This will help to keep your data safe.

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4. Blocking ads

Did you experience watching videos, listening to your favorite music, or playing games, and then suddenly an advertisement pops up and interrupts you from enjoying them? This could be annoying to a lot of people.

You can avoid these ads popping up by simply turning airplane mode on. The downside is that you are unable to receive incoming calls and messages from anyone. However, there are many apps, such as uBlock and adBlock, that disable ads from your phone without turning airplane mode on.

5. Current time password

If you are worried about exposing your lock screen password while unlocking your phone in public, this phone feature is for you.

There are apps, such as Screen Lock – Time Password, that automatically turn the current time into your lock screen password. Your password changes every single minute. You don’t have to remember your password. Just check the time on your phone and type its numbers as your password.

Through this feature, it will be easier for you to access your phone, and harder for others.

6. Take photos while recording video

If you are an iPhone 5 (and onward) user, you can take photos and shoot a video at the same time. Just tap the camera button displayed on the screen beside the shutter button. And there you go!

A lot of people might still not know this feature. This is something nice to know and is helpful, especially in capturing special moments. Don’t miss any moment!

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7. Testing a remote control 

If you are confused about whether there’s a problem with your television or remote control, this feature is perfect for you.

All you need is your phone and remote control. So, here’s a cool tip on how to test it. 

  • Open your camera app on your phone,
  • Point the remote straight at the camera lens,
  • Then press any button on the remote.

If you see a blinking light coming from the tip of the remote, it is a sign that your remote is functioning and probably the issue is on your television.

In addition, if you don’t see it blinking, it is a sign that you have bad batteries.

8. Helps to keep you safe

Phones aren’t just for entertainment. It also has a contribution to emergency response.

Apps like bSafe help people who are in possible danger to feel safe and protected. The app helps you send messages to your emergency contacts, tracks your GPS, and automatically records audio and video on a single tap. 

These phone features can make your life better and easier. Use your phone to its full potential. Take advantage of them and share them with your friends!