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Not Attracting Customers? 5 Things That Could Be Wrong With Your Website

“Why is my business not attracting customers?”

A website is a great tool to start a relationship with your customers. It is perfect for marketing and informational services. If your website isn’t helping you attract customers, then there are things that could be wrong with it. Not attracting customers is definitely worrying, but if you know what is happening, then you can avoid the worries that you have.

You are not attracting customers because your website could be:

1. Too slow

How would you get website traffic if your visitors continue to have bad user experience?

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Slow-loading websites and crashing apps is no fun! When people visit your website, there is a big chance that they have an interest in your product or business. But if your website takes forever to load, there’s a big chance that you could lose potential customers. Slow-loading websites can actually kill your visitor’s website experience and interest in your page. There is a lesser percentage of users who can patiently wait for a website page to load. 

Your website should load as quickly as possible. 1 to 2 seconds is already considered as an ideal website load time. Improving your website load time improves your business. As a serious business owner, you should not let your potential customers lose interest in your business just because of your slow-loading website.

2. Mobile-unfriendly

Did you know that 52.2% of the world’s website traffic is generated through mobile phones?

This is because most people spend their time on their mobile phones rather than their laptops or tablets. So if your website is difficult to navigate on smartphones, then you’ll lose a lot of potential customers. The best way to have a mobile-friendly website is to get a responsive website design. Your site will be properly displayed on both big and small screens.

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3. Resulting lower SEO rank

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving your website to rank higher on Google. Your site must be properly optimized for SEO. A higher SEO rank gives you a higher chance of exposing your website to your target audience. Resulting in lower SEO will hurt your ability to attract new customers. 

SEO is not only about the keywords that you add to your content. Google gives importance to whether you are providing relevant and quality content to your visitors. Build trust and improve your engagement. The more engaged visitors, the more chance your website will rank high. Your engaged visitors will be more likely to be your customers. 


4. Having too many options

According to Barry Schwartz, a psychologist, more choices make us less likely to take action and to be less satisfied with our eventual decision. This happens to websites. Your visitors could be overwhelmed. Having too many options can leave them dissatisfied and disappointed. 

When people visit your website, there is a big chance that they will purchase something from you if they see what they want fast. If overwhelmed with the paradox of choice they will likely just leave. Keep your website focused on just the next step you want your customers to take.

5. Having an outdated or bad design

A bad website design doesn’t only affect user experience, it also affects the ability to attract new customers.

The first thing potential customers will notice about your website is the design. Before they explore and read information about your business, they will judge how your website looks. The design of your website is a reflection of your brand. 

Website design must be both functional and appealing. Do not use low-resolution or pixelated images. It will definitely affect your business. If you need help check out hiring professional web designers and web developers.

Appmani can help you develop an online strategy, then design, develop and optimize your website so that it really works for your business. If you are ready to attract customers and improve your website, reach out to us. We’d be glad to help!