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Top 5 Makeup Apps

Mobile apps can turn your phone into your personal beauty advisor. It helps you choose the right makeup or cosmetics for you by collecting information about other user’s experiences in a particular makeup.

For some people, the concept of trial and error is the best way for them in choosing the right makeup for them.

BUT, isn’t expensive? 

Isn’t dangerous for your skin and health?

You can choose the right makeup without buying it and trying to risk your skin and health. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, makeup apps are essential for you.

Aside from YouTube and Pinterest, here are the top 5 apps for checking your makeup:

1. CosmEthics 

If you want to analyze the make up of your make-up, this is the app for you. CosmEthics enables safe cosmetic choices by searching the name of the product or simply scanning the product barcode.

CosmEthics has a database of thousands of products and its information is gathered from manufacturers and retailers.

You may scan your cosmetics to see undesirable ingredients such as allergens and toxins, and to find more suitable products. This app also enables users to set up custom alerts or warnings for specific ingredients they are concerned about.

If you want to check a new product that isn’t in their database yet, you can submit the photo of the product and its team can transcribe the ingredients list to include the item.

2. Detox Me 

Many products have chemicals that are linked with health effects including cancer, developmental problems, and asthma.

If you want to make changes for better health, Detox Me is the app for you. It provides you research-based tips on reducing your exposures to potentially harmful chemicals.

Detox Me isn’t just for beauty products. It also provides you tips and buying guides in Home, Food and Drink, Clothing, Personal Care, Cleaning, and Children.

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3. Makeup by Modiface

Are you considering making an aggressive hair color change?

Do you want to try different shades to see if it looks perfect for you but you can’t afford to buy it yet?

Then this app is for you. 

Modiface is designed to instantly see how products look without buying and trying them on. It features Skin Care Visualization, Anti-Aging Visualization, Hair Stimulation, and Virtual Makeup Makeover. You can try almost 20,000 shades of makeup. Modiface uses a unique combination and unique foundation to its users by matching their face and complexion. One cool feature of it is Augmented Reality which enables their users to see any product on their live video.  

4. Beautylish 

If you want to shop, check your favorite brands, and see the latest product releases, this app is the right one for you. 

No more hassle of buying and testing them all by yourself. Beautylish is one of the most reliable apps for shopping makeup, hair, and skincare products. They have good product descriptions, easy payment, and prompt shipping.

Beautylish cares for its customers. Their shipping is fast and the products come in excellent condition. If you’re on a tight budget, you may save your chosen product on your wishlist. They also provide an awesome resource for beauty news and tutorials.

5. IPSY 

Like Beautylish, the IPSY app goes to the top on the list of most reliable apps for shopping makeup products. IPSY offers a good range of products. It has over 20,000 products from well-known brands including Smashbox, Tarte, Benefit Cosmetic, and NYX Makeup.

IPSY is also known for its “glam bags” or “glam box” which has high-quality makeup brushes, double-ended eyeliner, high-end cleansers, and nail polish inside.

One cool feature of IPSY is they offer instructions and video tutorials explaining how to use each product.

Checking your makeup’s quality and ingredients used in it is essential, especially if you are going to use them every day.