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“I have an app idea… now what?”

I have an app idea!”

This sounds exciting, right? 

After a few seconds, you’ll be asking some questions like, “How will I develop this app?”. Thinking of an app idea is hard, but figuring out what would be the next thing to do is harder.

Many people don’t have the courage to take action because there are lots of things that hold them back. It could be time, money, resources, and sometimes, the trust in themselves. Before you take action, you must believe in yourself.

You are on your way to your success. This blog is to guide you through developing your app. Once you have an app idea, your next step is to:

Solve a problem

What problem can you solve through an app? What can you offer to your users? How can you provide convenience to your users?

Problem-solving is a challenge for many people. Facing problems brings uncomfortable feelings and stress which some people try to avoid. Be the solution. As a future app owner, you can find solutions to their problems by providing help using your app. 

People love convenience because it allows them to spend time on things they find more meaningful such as family, hobbies, friends, and more. Being clear on how you will make people’s lives easier using your app can bring you to success. 

Identify your target market

Who would be interested in your app? Who will most benefit from it? What kind of users will most likely be your average users? 

The truth is, not everyone will like your app no matter how useful or popular it is. People from your target market are the ones who will like it and soon become your users. An app without users is useless, so it is important to know who your target market is. 

Choose a niche to target. Think of one person (mark up) in that range to use a marketing persona. You may also want to consider the psychographics of your targets such as personality, hobbies, interests, and lifestyle. In order to have a successful app, you must clearly define who your target market is. 

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Conduct a competitive analysis

Who are your competitors? What are their strategies? What features do they have?

Competitive analysis is one of the keys to why a lot of businesses become successful. It helps businesses enhance their business strategy which leads them to more revenue. Same thing goes with the competition with apps. You must conduct a competitive analysis to be ahead of the competition.

Identify your top 5 competitors. Collect information about them. Analyze their marketing strategy. Make a list of what features they have. Learn from their customer reviews. Identify their weaknesses and the features that are missing. Consider adding features on your own app in order to fulfill those needs. 

Turn your digital ideas into reality

What features would be most appealing to your target market? Who can help you execute your app idea? What will be the design of the app? 

Make a list of your app features. Create a sketch of how you want your app to look like. Present your app idea to your chosen app development company. Having documentation that shows the design and functionality of your app is a great way in approaching app developers.

App development involves writing codes, design implementation, and testing app’s functionality. In order to build a professional app, you need a team with different fields of specialization including software engineer, software architect, UI/UX designer and tester, and a project manager. Choose the right app development company to help you execute your app idea. You’ll know the right app development company for you if they listen to your goals and understand your limitations from initial concept to finished product.

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Market your app

Where will you promote your app? What platforms will you use? What strategies will you do?

When your app is ready, it is time to execute your marketing strategy. Choose a platform where you want to promote your app. It could be social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Start publishing blogs on your website or social media accounts. You can also create your own YouTube channel and start creating content for your audiences. For brand awareness, you can hire influencers to recommend your app to their followers. There are lots of good strategies to market your app. Market! Market! And market! You’ll find the perfect marketing strategy for your app.

Your ideas matter. Put it into action. You’ll never know how many people you can help and how many problems you can solve because of your app. 

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to message us. We’d be glad to help!