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A great website is a necessary tool for converting customers and creating revenue. When visitors arrive to your site, they first notice the obvious things such as design and how up to date the content is. If you are not keeping your website fresh and if visitors don’t like what they see at first glance, […]

Digital marketing is the terminology that people use to refer to their online marketing efforts either via websites or social media. More and more people, from your 5 year old nephew to your grandma are spending a huge amount of time surfing the internet or scrolling on their mobile phone or tablet. In New Zealand alone, […]

There comes a time in a company or department when off-the-shelf software just won’t cut it anymore.  This is when you need to start thinking about creating your own custom software to ensure that you are not left behind! If you’re already considering designing your own bespoke software , here are a few things you […]

It is a foregone conclusion that every company needs custom software at one point or another.  What can you do to guarantee that your developer will create the best custom software for you?  The answer lies in the amount of preparation you put into the process – lets take a look… Choose right software development company […]