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“Help, I need an app for my business!”

The Internet has changed our world in many ways, including the way we market or promote our business. 

In today’s generation, we can do so much far easier than ever.


Look around you. Almost everyone you see has their own mobile device. It’s no surprise that businesses are becoming more tech-savvy and creating an app for their business to keep them ahead of the game.

An application, or simply called “app”, is a computer program we see and use in our smartphones, tablets, desktop and even in our smart TVs. 

According to Clutch, nearly half (42%) of small businesses currently have a mobile app, and 30% plan to build one in the future. When created with a clear purpose and friendly use, mobile apps offer big marketing opportunities and maximize revenue opportunities for businesses.

For some people, creating an app and looking for ideas is not easy. There are a lot of results when we ask Google for help.

It can be confusing.

So, to help you build an app for your business, here are the things you need to consider:


The budget is important. A website might be $3-5k but a web application could be $10-200K. A mobile app is likely to be 20-50k. It’s an investment.

You don’t create custom software if you are on a very tight budget. 

You create custom software to: 

  • Be more competitive 
  • Offer something your competitors don’t. 
  • Automate your processes 
  • Reduce staff overheads, save time or provide a consistent process. 

Off the shelf, the software will always be cheaper but it will be designed for everyone, not just you, so it will be bloated and you will have to change your processes to match it rather than the other way around.

App design and user interface

Basically, a software company will need to understand your business first. They will want to know what you like the look of (if building a website – eg some examples sites they like). They want your logo and to know the colors you use. 

Take note that, the more user-friendly your app is, the more users will be inclined to download it.

Right app development company

Do some research into the software development company to get more familiar with their previous projects. You can also get in touch with the companies they have already worked with. Have a chat to get a feel if the company is right for you.

Once you are working with the company, always communicate with them and agree on goals for the program.

AppMani: Custom Software Development Company can help you create your app for your business.

They help you turn your digital ideas into reality. 

They listen to you from the initial concept to the finished product.

Visit their website and see how can they help you with an app for your business.