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6 Steps To Amazing Custom Software

It is a foregone conclusion that every company needs custom software at one point or another.  What can you do to guarantee that your developer will create the best custom software for you?  The answer lies in the amount of preparation you put into the process – lets take a look…

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Choose right software development company

Nothing affects the flow of your business more than launching software that malfunctions. Unless a the development company has a track record of successful software launches, it’s probably better to look elsewhere. It’s also an added advantage if a company has some basic knowledge of your industry.

Have a planning meeting with the developers

Have as many meetings as necessary until you’re comfortable that everyone involved is clear on the following:

  • How will the new software help with the processing gaps in your business?
  • The scope of the project. This will avoid unprecedented delays and unexpected spikes in budget
  • You will need a clear understanding of your business processes so you can guide the development team to success. The aim of customized software is to streamline processes. To guarantee the best outcome, understand your business processes step by step and identify areas that contribute to time wastage or profit erosion. This way, you will be sure that the development team are creating something truly useful.

Work closely with your software developers

Building a good relationship with your software developers allows for honest discussions and feedback and a healthy exchange of ideas. The developers will also get a better feel of how you and your team work which will improve the overall result.   Meet regularly with your developers to ensure that you’re all on the same page.


Accommodate training in your plans

No matter how intuitive your new software may be, you and your team will need training on how to use it. Discuss training needs with your software development company and set expectations from the start. Training updates may also be necessary with every new software update and release.  You can also discuss the possibility of testing the software before implementation of the final product.

Good skills and expertise are hard to come by. If your developer does an exceptional job, stick with them!

Every time you hire a new developer to create new software or make alterations to your current  software, they’ll have to first familiarize themselves with your company,  your processes,  and the coding behind the program.
You should pick a company that is interested in partnering with you for the long term, as opposed to working with you on a one-off project. Initiating a new hiring process every time, will only waste your time, energy and money.