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“Is my website still relevant in 2022?”

No question why more and more businesses develop their websites. A website is perfect for marketing and informational services. It is a good investment because it helps you to establish credibility as a business. It is convenient to use. You don’t have to download anything on your phone. 

Now, ask yourself these questions:

Does your branding reflect a modern company in 2022? 

Have your products and services changed at all? 

Have your privacy agreement and terms been updated?

If you think that your branding doesn’t reflect a modern company, you have changes in your products/services, and in privacy agreement and terms, then your website is outdated.

Signs of an outdated website

  • Poor user experience
  • Outdated design
  • Poor quality images
  • Old or insufficient information
  • Slow loading page
  • Poor navigation
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Incompatible with web browsers
  • Lack of website security

An outdated website isn’t just embarrassing. It can hurt your business and reputation. If your prospects notice that you have a bad design or unresponsive site, they will think that you just don’t care about your branding. Prospects will assume that there are more competent businesses than you for solving their problems. Do not let them have a bad impression on your business.

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website 2022

So, is your website still relevant in 2022?

The answer is NO

If you built your website years ago, it is most likely far behind in terms of design and functionality. Websites should be updated regularly – at least every 2 years. It is still the best platform to showcase your brand online. It will definitely be relevant in 2022 if it is updated. Your website must:

  • Be memorable
  • Reflect a modern company
  • Be fast loading
  • Be compatible with any devices
  • Boost your SEO
  • Have high quality visuals
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Helping you get traffic

For any questions or if you want your website to still be relevant in 2022, do not hesitate to message us.  We got you!