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Turning Pandemic Uncertainty Into Business Success?

All of us have been affected by the pandemic. This includes our lifestyle, mental health, social life, and jobs. Name it. For the most part, businesses are experiencing struggles right now. 

A lot of businesses have been forced to shut down or close doors due to strict quarantine protocols. This caused businesses cash-flow shortages, dropped revenue, and supply chain difficulties – not to mention stress!

However, there are many businesses that survived during the pandemic by being creative and adapting innovation. A study shows that 40% of consumers have considered creating a website for a business during the pandemic (year 2020). 

Listed below are the reasons why websites are turning pandemic uncertainty into business success.

Growth Opportunities

Does the pandemic trigger your career uncertainty?

Remember that, no such thing can stop us from shining. In fact, the pandemic becomes a gateway of success to some of us. 

This historical crisis might be teaching us how to think creatively, embrace new ideas and expand our perspectives in the new days ahead. This might also be teaching us how to think like an entrepreneur in times of crisis.

Let’s take a short story about a woman who managed to survive during the pandemic. Pre-pandemic, Andrea Gerson took on a role where she taught 50 job counselors about resume-writing strategies. Gerson estimates that she has written approximately 7,500 resumes in more than her ten-year career. 

When the pandemic hit, Gerson hired a website developer and finished developing a software tool to help job counselors create customized resumes for different industries.

Six nonprofit job-assistance organizations have signed up for the tool in the year 2021. “The tool covers roughly 50 industries and asks them specific questions highlighting sought-after skills in that sector. Gerson says that the preliminary feedback from users is that, even during the pandemic, those who are landing jobs are earning roughly 35% more.”

By being creative, embracing new ideas, and adapting technology, Gerson has survived to drive revenue and keep things going. 

Generates Money While Sleeping

Your website provides access to your customers and target audience around the clock. Let’s say your customer needs urgent service, but working hours have ended on that day, your customer can leave a message and schedule an appointment in advance through your website. 

This also means that your website can help your business generate leads – even while you are sleeping! When you can make your products or services available on your website, then customers can make a purchase any time of the day.  

You don’t physically need to be there to make some profits. Your website serves as your online salesperson.


When the pandemic hits, most business owners around the world have either mandated by the government or voluntarily permitted their employees to work remotely due to safety concerns. But with the right technology, it is possible to operate a business and make a profit without the need of a physical office. 

No matter what country your customers are from, you can easily reach them out by sending a message on your website. You can also offer blogs and regular newsletters for them to keep updated with your business. This helps your relationship with your customers intact.

Websites are not only for your loyal customers. They are also made to get new customers by increasing your reach. Basically, your website is the key to letting the whole world know about your business.

Social Proof Sells

Most customers do online research before making a purchase. In a digital world with increasing cyber attacks every day, none of us wants to get caught by cybercriminals. Customers want to know if your business is legitimate or not. Having a website is a proof that you are serious about selling your product or service. However, you still need to know the ways how to spot a fake website

If you don’t come up in Google, you don’t exist

Internet usage has bumped by a massive 70% due to the pandemic and its quarantine implementation. Quarantine means more people go to the internet, especially to look for something they need. People are looking for online services nowadays. In order to achieve business success,  you must expand your business online.

Businesses and consumers are increasingly going digital. Whether during or post-pandemic, one thing’s for sure, the positive impact of creating websites for businesses is undeniably for a long-term effect.

The key to coping with uncertainty is your mindset. Successful businesses do it by embracing uncertainty together with technology. 

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