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How Do Apps Collect Data in a Way That Protects User Privacy?

Does it bother you when apps collect data from you?

Apps do not collect data from users for no good reason. Apps use your data for many reasons such as for a better app experience and to give you notifications according to your choice.

The next time you install an app, ask a few questions.

What information will the app collect from me?

Does this app really need these device permissions?

Do I trust this app developer with my information?

If you are a future app owner or developer, this blog is for you. Protect your users’ privacy by:

Collecting the Minimum Amount of Data Required

Apps only use the minimum amount of user data as much as possible in order to complete a task. They do not collect any data that is not important. Most importantly, apps do not gather information that could be used to identify a specific person.

Requesting Necessary Permissions to a Specific Feature

Aside from collecting information, apps also request permission to access some features on your device. The purpose of it is to make the app more accurate and efficient. For example, if you want to upload photos on Facebook, the app will request permission to access your photo gallery. If you want to take photos on Instagram, the app will request permission to access your smartphone’s camera.

Giving Options in Granting Permissions

Allowing users to give an option to allow or deny access to their devices is fundamental. Allowing access will give users a more functional and better app experience. If the app shouldn’t need access to something, don’t allow it. It’s always a good idea to be more careful when considering whether to reject or approve an app permission request.

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Providing Disclosure and Transparency

App developers inform their users what data they collect and share by providing policies or statements in the app description. Users have the right to understand why and how apps collect and share them to third parties. This increases data transparency and boosts user trust.

Note for Users: Before installing any apps, you should know what information the app will collect from you. Think about why the app asks permission to access your device. In other words, read the privacy policy in the app description. You may also research the app developer if you are in doubt. 

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