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Must-Have Features for Your Successful Mobile App

Wanting to have a successful app?

There could be a lot of things you are thinking right now, including app features.

It is important to fulfill as many features as possible for the users in order to satisfy their needs and ensure the app’s success. But with the latest trends and technology, it could be overwhelming to choose what features should your app need to make it successful.

Whether you are planning to create or improve your app, this blog will guide you on how to make your app successful by having these must-have features.

Live Chat Support

People will always have questions about your product or service, and they want an instant response to it. Having live chat support can help you do it.

Live chat is an online communication app that enables you and your website visitors to chat in real-time. It connects your prospects with your company representative who could be sitting anywhere else in the world via instant messaging.

Live chat helps you solve customer’s problems quickly. It provides 24/7 customer support. More customers prefer live chat support over email and phone support simply because live chat is faster, efficient and more convenient.

Companies that provide great live chat support results in increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue. This shows how you value your customers.

Search Option

Your app users are from different ages. This means that your users are not equally tech savvy. It could be easier for younger generations to explore the whole app, and harder for older generations. 

Having a search option is a great way to help your not-so-tech savvy users to find the right information or features of the app as easily as possible. Simply typing the specific word without exploring the entire app shows how you want to help your users.

Helping them navigate to what they are looking for can lead to assurance that they won’t lose interest to your app. Otherwise, they will find another app where they can easily find what they are looking for and satisfy their needs.

Offline Usage

Imagine yourself traveling and relying on a travel app to reach your destination. Suddenly, the travel app stopped working because you have consumed all your cell data, or you pass by a poor signal place.

Stressful, right?

If your app provides offline usage, you eliminate the worry for your users if they can still use the app whether there is no Wi-Fi or about the data limits. 

According to Digital Doughnut, in the U.S., it is estimated that 15% of users are actually using offline apps at any given time. They are on airplanes; they are on subways; they are in areas famous for “dead zones”.

The Internet isn’t reliable in some places like forests and on the sea.

If your competitor always relies on the internet or cell data while you provide offline usage, there is definitely a greater chance that users will choose, and you will win the competition. No wonder if you’ll get more recommendations from your loyal users.

Feedback System

Generally speaking, feedback is a key part of growth and development. This includes app development. 

Few users will bother to continue using your app if they experience problems with your app, such as bugs or crashes. They will instead download a different app that fulfills their needs.

Include a way for users to provide you feedback. They should be able to report errors, request new features, and express opinions in a quick and simple way. Know what your users want so you can effectively fulfill their needs.

If you are not aware of what your users want, then your app can lead to failure.

Your users will know that you value them if you build a feedback system inside your app. And when customers feel valued, there is a great chance that your revenue will increase.

Having these app features will help achieve your app’s future success.

AppMani is always ready to help you meet your users’ needs and guide you to have a successful app. 

If you’re ready to take action to achieve a successful app, do not hesitate to message us.