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Android vs iOS: Which Works Best for Your Business?

The Ultimate Comparison Guide for 2022

There are two primary platforms to choose from when developing an app: Android and iOS. These two platforms work out to be effectively the same. However, choosing the right platform for your business is not easy and it must not rely on personal preference. There are things you need to consider.

Who is your target market? Or the majority of your audiences?

Where do these people live?

What kind of work do they have?

What is their average annual income?

Platform they prefer?

You should also consider the time, cost, and functionality of the app that you need.

We gathered information to help you choose the best platform for your business. Let’s take a look at their comparisons.

android vs ios  2022
Android vs iOS 2022 / Source: Appmani

Android vs iOS users worldwide / Photo via Device Atlas

See the differences?

Android apps are more time-consuming due to more customization, devices, screens, resolutions, etc. The longer it takes to develop an app, the cost increases respectively. Meanwhile, iOS has more strict guidelines as they focus on quality assurance. 

In addition, DDI Development said that Apple users tend to be female, 35+ years old who work in media/marketing/business industry, their average annual income $200K. Android users are male, 18-34 years old, work in IT/Energy & Utilities, their average annual income $50K $100K. Basically, iOS users tend to have higher income compared to Android users.

iOS users are more loyal compared to Android users. According to CIRP, 93% of prior iPhone owners upgrade to a new iPhone. That’s slightly more than the 88% of Android owners who automatically decide to replace their old Android with a new one.

Bottom line

Pay attention to your target audience. 

Statistics show that Android is more popular globally, but iOS has more market share in wealthier countries.  

If your target audience is technical or medical fields, Android would be the perfect platform for you. Meanwhile, iOS users are mostly used by business professionals, sales experts, and managers.

If you want to reach a wider audience and plan to have a lot of customization on your app, choose Android. There are more Android users across the world, but iOS users tend to be more loyal and willing to pay for app services such as downloading paid apps and in-app purchases. So, it’s no surprise why iOS apps make more money than Android apps.

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