The AppMani Team is composed of talented and creative individuals. With different fields of specialization, they work together to deliver the best results. The team you both need and deserve.

Greg Nixon



Aside from being a team leader, Greg also works as a Software Architect and deals with some UX testing.

He is always full of energy and enjoys activities such as hiking, soccer and squash. He unleashes his inner warrior by spinning nunchakus. Hwaat hwaat hwaaataah!! But despite the excess of energy, he knows how to chill hanging out at cafes for food and warm coffee.

Natash Brechmanis


Project Manager

In AppMani, communication is key. Tash ensures that the clients’ expectations are met by our mighty software engineers. She handles the distribution of missions to the right heroes and that everyone’s time is spent wisely. Truly, the heroine we all need.


Senior Software Engineer (windows apps)

Not all heroes wear capes – such as the man named Tony from AppMani. He is the hero that you call when it comes to Windows apps – and he’ll get it done.
For his hobby, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the classic arcade games. Love the classic Pacman? Then Tony’s your man.


Senior Software Engineer (web and mobile apps)

A cunning warrior who specializes in web and mobile applications. Need a new app? An upgrade? Or an update? He’s got your back.
As an added bonus – if you need some films to watch over the weekend, Piraboo might have some recommendations for you.


Software Engineer (web)

Web software engineer by day, Rock star by night. He works with great precision and harmony resulting to a rockin’ bespoken software.
In his free time, he lets loose in playing hoops. Watch out for that killer crossover.


Senior User Interface Designer

Design isn’t just the looks, but a combination of efficiency and aesthetics. It isn’t just some fancy colors – it is both science AND art. Just like our Senior UI Designer Charlotte, she’s got the beauty and the brains – a lethal combination that makes the software we make look great and work best.